Build a Rock-Solid Plan for 2023: 5 Important Benefits

For most of us, success doesn’t just happen. It must be planned. This may not sound intriguing at first, but building a rock-solid plan has many important benefits you may not have realized before now.

I’m aware that some people hate to plan and especially plan long-term. For some, it feels too constricting and doesn’t allow for much spontaneity. But for others, planning provides structure and accountability to move the needle consistently to the right.

So taking time at the beginning of the new year to clarify purpose, mission and vision is the precursor to securing a viable, detailed plan. Slowing down to put in the work early helps to ensure smooth transitions and fulfillment later in the year. It’s not only envisioning the successful outcome but also enjoying the journey that compels us to keep moving forward. That’s where having a rock-solid plan can be quite helpful.

And by rock-solid, it is not meant to imply that the plan won’t need to be adjusted. However, it does mean that the plan is practical, realistic, inspirational, and actionable. The plan should support us as we press forward and not bind us as slaves to it.

Consequently, building a solid plan for the new year (or virtually anytime) may be the pathway to achieving your goals. That said, here are 5 benefits you might enjoy:

  1. Less stress. Starting the year off with a solid plan helps you to have a confident glide into the new year. You are more likely to keep going without the stress of a new year’s resolution. And you won’t have the “left behind” feeling in February.
  2. Less decision fatigue. Sometimes, we have no energy because we spend too much time cycling between the same decisions daily. Creating a plan provides direction so you know what you will do daily. This allows more energy for new and important decisions you may need to make concerning future endeavors and next steps.
  3. You are more likely to achieve your goals. Research shows that those who create a realistic plan that includes taking practical, actionable steps are more successful in goal attainment. Writing out your plan also increases your chances of success. A written plan makes the actions associated with it feel more tangible and doable.
  4. You can look at your plan often to keep you on track. This is important. A well-crafted and documented plan enable you to pinpoint critical milestones and identify success indicators to let you know if and when you need to course-correct. You won’t know where to adjust if there is no plan and process (strategy) for achieving your goals.
  5. Your work-life balance will be better. Nothing creates a better work-life balance than having and implementing a solid plan to move forward. Your plan would include specific actions that strategically help you to attain or maintain personal and professional balance. Remember, the journey is just as important as fulfilling the vision.

In summary, consider the benefits of planning over the time it takes to make the plan. Sacrificing a little time now may prove valuable in the days ahead as you achieve your goals with greater ease. You can move forward confidently with a clear roadmap that allows flexibility and accountability.

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