Smash Your 2023 Goals: 5 Things To Do NOW!

What’s important to do right NOW as you think about making changes and moving forward? Goal setting and strategic action planning. You can smash your goals with great confidence when you set goals and implement a plan that aligns with your purpose, mission, and vision.

Therefore, two critical elements to consider when we set our sights on achieving important goals are the process we use to set them and the plan we craft to ensure they are successful. In previous posts, we discussed how getting clarity on the why, what and how are essential and foundational components that form the basis for a great plan. Once we understand and own these three essential counterparts, we can then move to the things we could do to ensure movement to success.

Most of us plan all the time. We have someplace to be (perhaps more than one place to be), and we need to plan how to get there with as little friction as possible. This may involve very little strategy. Maybe it’s leaving work a few minutes early to arrive on time. Simple.

On the other hand, some plans to achieve a goal require deeper thinking and more resources. Here are 5 things to do now to smash your goals when you are clear on the purpose, mission, and vision:

  1. Determine the discrepancy. If you’re reading this through chances are there is something you would like to change. Before making any lasting change, it is crucial to determine the disparity between what is occurring now and what you would like it to be instead. I spend the first portions of any coaching conversation in this realm, helping clients to reflect and articulate this for themselves.
  2. Define the ideal. Ok, now that you are comfortable, or at least familiar, with the idea of some discrepancy in what you have now and what you want, it’s time to define what is ideal for you. This is your opportunity to think deeply about what you really want. This is where some people stagger because it seems selfish to entertain what we want intentionally, but it is the only way to move toward it. Here we can begin to visualize whether it’s realistic or not.
  3. Drill down the change. How far are you away from the ideal state? Really. In this step, we can determine what it might take to move forward in the way we would like to do it. Is the change relatively simple (with the appropriate tools and resources)? Or is the change multi-faceted with lots of building blocks with many people and resources needed?
  4. Decide the goal. Set small goals. Goals should be behavioral-based and not the desired outcome. For example, losing 20 lbs is an outcome while going to the gym for one hour twice a week is a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) behavior-based goal. Build your goals around the behaviors that will support the outcome you desire in the end.
  5. Develop a plan. Once you have your goal(s) set, develop action experiments to ensure you achieve the goal(s). For example, if your goal is to go to the gym twice a week, what needs to happen to ensure you get there? Do you need a gym membership? New tennis shoes? The group fitness class schedule? A car packed with gym clothes to go straight from work? If your goal is to meal prep dinner three nights per week, do you need to make a grocery list? Head to the store? Consult with others in the family?

So there you have it! You don’t have to stress in January because you haven’t set goals and developed a plan to support your vision. Above are five things you could do today to get your new year off to a great start. Give yourself some space and time to follow each step at your own pace. Say goodbye to feeling pressured or left behind. You can incorporate these five steps at any time during the year.

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