Maximize Success in 2023: How to Build Your Mission and Vision First!

It’s here! It’s finally the new year. And we want to maximize success this year and the years to come. Most of us are already thinking about how to plan for the “difference” we want to experience in the coming year. However, one rookie mistake most of us make as we plan for big change is not taking the time to reflect on the mission undergirding our efforts. Another is not taking the time to get crystal clear on the vision we are holding for the outcome.

I’ve been there many times, too.

In pastimes, I would plan simply because I knew I wanted something different. I would make new year’s resolutions that would fade into a distant memory by February of the same year. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even get to the action planning phase if I hadn’t started before January 1st. Starting late, at least in my opinion then, was not very appealing. My all-or-nothing thinking cost me greatly because I wasn’t willing to start slow and plan for lasting change. These days I realize every day is an opportunity to begin again, and how I begin my yearly planning and strategizing is quite different.

I start with purpose–the big why of the change I would like to experience. Understanding the purpose underlying what I want is a motivating factor for moving forward with the mission and vision. Embracing the why that underscores change motivates us and provides a solid foundation for fulfilling the mission. Mission and purpose are sometimes used interchangeably and are closely related, but I believe peeling back the mission reveals the core motivation: purpose.

Our mission is the what and the how we do what we do. Have you ever awakened with some important endeavor for the day and all your efforts were directed to that end? If you answer yes, you could say you were on a mission. Our mission is the fuel that propels us to show up to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. In subsequent posts, we will discuss strategic planning and action experiments that support the mission and ultimately the vision. But here we will focus on the drive and the destination.

Speaking of destination, a good mission will have a clearly-defined desired outcome. Enter vision. I like to fast-forward to the destination during an envisioning exercise. Picture this: if you follow through on the mission daily, what will the result be in one year? Typically, vision may be extended to 3-5 years or more into the future, but since we are focusing on 2023, let’s use one year. The mission is more present-day actions and efforts while the vision is the future outcome.

For example, your mission may be to choose a healthy lifestyle that supports your wellness journey consistently. Your vision, when the mission is carried out, may be to become a healthier version of yourself so that you can run with your grandchildren. Mission and vision must be supported by behavioral goals and actionable steps to bring them to fruition.

So what does this mean for you? Before you build a strategic plan for the new year, pursue clarity of purpose and develop the mission and vision for your life going forward. By doing this, you will be able to visualize where changes may be warranted and be able to develop goals and a plan around how to achieve change.

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