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Effective Communication and Influencing Skills

Managing Change and Leading Transformation

Developing Leadership Presence


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      √  Do you want to have less stress and enjoy more rest every day?  


     √  Do you want to sleep better at night because you can finally turn your mind off? 


  √  Do you want your team to have the best leader possible? One who is able to empower and help develop them?


      √  Do you want a schedule that reflects time for self-care and time with your family and friends?


  √  Would you like CLARITY around what you should be focusing on in leadership right now? And ALIGNMENT with your core values and strengths?


√  Would you like to have a better QUALITY of LEADERSHIP with intentionality and purpose?


If your answers are YES to these important questions, WE MAY BE A GREAT FIT to partner together.



Trusted By:

Alyssa Bovell
Alyssa BovellTechnical Officer at FHI 360

I applied to The Coaching Fellowship with several goals, including taking steps to address my work-life balance and learning how to be my authentic self in the workplace. While this was my first experience with coaching and I was not sure what to expect, from our first session, Tabitha put me immediately at ease. She structured our sessions to build off one another in a way that I felt like the coaching process was a continuous journey. Reflecting on our coaching sessions, I can see several positive results, including a strengthened ability to communicate boundaries with my colleagues, including management staff, and an ability to process and redirect my thinking in the face of obstacles to determine the best way forward. I see that I have grown in confidence to step up and seek opportunities to gain experience in technical areas of interest, while trusting my existing skills to take on new professional growth opportunities. I am grateful for all the support and guidance that Tabitha provided. For anyone considering coaching, I highly recommend coaching with Tabitha if you are looking for a structured, reflective, and catalyzing space that will help you achieve your desired results!

Anthea R. Williams
Anthea R. WilliamsHuman Resource Services Specialist

I came to coaching initially because I was in a place/space of discouragement, professionally, and really wondering what I had to offer. I had recently been laid off from a job of almost 10 years. Even though I was comfortable with the closure of this assignment, I worried whether I had what it took to CONFIDENTLY start over. I needed to understand how to become comfortable in new and unfamiliar spaces. Coaching helped me to see me as a whole, and not just the me in the professional realm; and that was quite unexpected. My anxiety about those unknown/unfamiliar spaces was occurring personally, professionally, and spiritually. Coaching taught me to focus on being present in the moment, in each of these areas, instead of looking ahead too far and obsessing. Consider what I’m currently feeling, doing, enjoying, accomplishing. Coaching with Coach Tabitha helped me see that I do not need to be tied to ways/things of a prior me, because the current me may feel differently at this stage of my journey. And that’s ok. Forcing myself to operate in a previous stage of my journey does not fit, and is exactly that; forced, like a chore and not enjoyable. It’s ok to access the now and make changes as needed, and as many times as needed. Now, I’m in a new job, and a new field all together. I feel confident and armed to take on the unknown; not unconcerned, but more of a controlled thoughtful response to whatever my new journey may hold. Please do make this investment in yourself. Coach Tabitha is so easy to talk to; she sees you, and more importantly, she helps you see yourself!

Amy Lawson
Amy LawsonDirector/Big Brothers, Big Sisters

I was looking to grow my leadership style and build my “toolbox” of staff development skills. I found both in my coaching experience with Tabitha. During our time, Tabitha guided my thought process in a way that helped me consider my goals and how to plan for obstacles. Our conversations were constructive and would build each session. She gave her full attention, using my non nonverbal cues along with redirection when I missed an important observation. Tabitha helped me achieve more through coaching than I had originally planned. I left our coaching sessions with a better understanding of how to develop my leadership style, tools to use with my staff members, and problem-solving skills to use in my daily life.

Latasha Davis
Latasha DavisBusiness Owner & Entrepreneur/B Creative B Delicious

My first session with Tabitha was amazing her questions helped me tap into why I wasn’t walking in my purpose and what I needed to do to get there. It was a very emotional experience for me and after several sessions with her coaching and guidance I was able to identify my calling that God had confirmed with me years ago. Her attentive listening skills catch things that you didn’t even realize you said. She gives you the tools you need to put in the work in helping you achieve your goals. This coaching experience literally changed my life and the tools that she gives you will set you up for success. I highly recommend Tabitha’s coaching!

Shakia Matthews
Shakia MatthewsOvernight Stocker

I didn't know what to expect from coaching. I thought she would give me the answers I had been looking for, but that wasn't coaching. All the answers I needed came from within me, and she supported me through the process. To best way to explain my experience coming in: fuzziness, blurriness, uncertainty, doubt, and shame. Now there is a clear view to the path I've been wanting to get to.

Tammi Toms
Tammi TomsSenior Operations Manager

Meeting Tabitha helped me to shift my mindset in a whole new direction. I had the tendency to be all over the place, but her coaching helped me to realize my purpose and true potential. Today, I am stronger and my approach to life is different. I am finally moving forward in my thinking and forward in my purpose.

Alantha Gatson
Alantha GatsonCo-Founder /Two Rings One Lifetime LLC

Tabitha began as my small group Bible study leader—what she became is much greater! I have always had lofty goals, but I lacked the knowledge and roadmap for achieving those goals. Her mentoring, and then later her coaching, helped me to remain focused and led to the creation of Two Rings One Lifetime LLC.

Michelle Bryant
Michelle BryantEducator

Having a career didn't mean I was happy. I had reached most of my goals, but still something was missing. I needed to find my purpose, and Tabitha helped me to do this. Even when I didn't believe I had the answers, she encouraged me and challenged me to see that I had the answers. Her coaching helped me to discover my purpose and passion . . . and to find freedom in it.

Chante' Lawrence
Chante' LawrenceOwner & Entrepreneur/Ujima

Tabitha had been a spiritual mentor to me, but over the past several months, our conversations have shifted to more coaching conversations. As my coach, she held me accountable and empowered me to take ownership for the outcomes of the decisions I made. She challenged me to examine real issues and helped me to develop actionable steps to get real results.

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Focus and Prioritization

Clarity: Where do you need to place more of your focus, in your leadership role and in personal life? How should you prioritize? Leaders need to know to focus on the right things at the right time.

Gain Confidence

Clarity: Confidence is a feeling that is created when we demonstrate repeated success with actions and behaviors in a given situation. Where in your leadership role do you need to be more confident?

Better Communication

Clarity: When we are clear in mind and thought, we will communicate better to those around us. Good communication skills are essential to becoming a great leader.

Work/Life Balance

Alignment: Work and home life are not mutually exclusive. There is overlap. How are you handling this delicate balance, placing emphasis on what is most important in the moment? It's not 50/50. It's about knowing what you pull forward in the right season.

Personal Growth

Alignment: Personal growth should be an aspiration of every good leader. We are constantly changing and adapting to the world around us. Good leaders recognize this and embrace opportunities for growth while utilizing their STRENGTHS.


Alignment: Are you aligned with what you VALUE in life? How is your wellness journey? Good leaders value their own well-being as well as those whom they lead. They are intentional in engaging in the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional practices that keep them refreshed and revitalized.

Strategic Planning

Effectiveness: Strategic planning is a non-negotiable as you aspire to become a great leader. Leaders gain nothing being passive in their efforts to achieve. Good leaders are proactive and are always look down the road ahead.

Professional Development

Effectiveness: No leader has mastered all there is to know about leadership. Good leaders know that they must continue to develop as to excel into great leadership and beyond. Leaders are always developing themselves and those whom they lead.

Reaching Potential

Effectiveness: Self-actualization is the top level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Good leaders want to reach their truest potential and leave nothing on the table. They are realistic about where they are now and are able to envision and be open to a greater future.

Purposeful Achievements

Through her coaching abilities, Tabitha did not tell me what to do, but she helped me to pull out of that which was already in me, leading me to make wise decisions and helping to reach the outcome I needed.

Linda PorterBusiness Owner & Entrepreneur/Onyx-Black Jewel
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