Keep it Moving Forward! 5 Ways to Make it Happen!

Now that you’re clear on you, what does it take to move forward and keep moving forward? This is where a great many of us remain stuck. There are no quick and easy answers, but there are some clear tactics that we can embrace to gain momentum in the direction we want to travel.

I agree, it would be nice if forward movement just sort of happened, but it doesn’t. Every day must bring new intentionality! Sometimes that intentionality begins with simply honing the motivation to press forward. And that motivation begins with purpose and hopefully progresses to vision.

Once you gain clarity around who you are, what you love, and what you would like to have going forward, it’s time to think about your vision and the actions you can take to help you realize that vision. This is how the process unfolded for me. And when a new vision unfolds surrounding some endeavor, when I am true to my purpose and my values, these takeaways from this post are staples for the outcome.

Follows these important hacks so that you are always on the move:

  1. Make the vision crystal clear. The more specific the vision, the more specific and detailed the steps to achieve it can be. In other words, embracing a crystal clear vision reduces the likelihood of trying to implement vague actionable experiments that will not get you where you want to be. When the vision is specific and originates from your ingrained values, it produces an emotional attachment that propels you forward into what you know can be true for you.
  2. Expect roadblocks. Make no mistake about it, there will always be obstacles and roadblocks along the path. Moving toward what you want and what you know you were created to do will not be effortless. There will be ebbs and flows on the journey. This is normal! Instead of focusing on what we can’t do when these roadblocks present themselves, we can learn to focus on what we can do in the moment. We can take small steps that keep the ball moving in the right direction – toward the vision.
  3. Celebrate wins often. Celebration is the key to remembrance! Another birthday comes around and what do we do? We celebrate another milestone. We should think this way in terms of purpose and vision. Early on, set up key markers and indicators of incremental success. As long as we are moving forward, there is an opportunity to celebrate a win.
  4. Involves others from the beginning. Let others in on what you’re doing and what you want to accomplish. Now, the others who should be included are those who believe in you, will help you, and will hold you accountable. Be selective in this area. Including them from the beginning gives you the opportunity to leverage their encouragement from the onset. It gets you off to a great start!
  5. Be always evaluating. Just like roadblocks are inevitable, so are changes and pivots. Be open to them. Every action is an experiment, and experiments are tests or trials in order to discover something. And that something offers valuable information along the way. You may have many experiments before you find what works best for you. That’s perfectly okay! Progression not perfection.

There you have it! Having a clear picture of what you ultimately want is absolutely key because it’s hard to hit an obscure, moving target. Acknowledging that it won’t be easy and may be daunting at times helps maintain a realistic approach to the outcome. Not only will it help you to be grounded, but it can also help you to remain motivated and inspired to celebrate even the smallest win. Those who love us and sincerely want the best for us are instrumental to our success. Include them. Lastly, let me reiterate, every day must be intentional and evaluative.

In your own experience, how do you keep the momentum going? I’m curious, how do you continue to move forward to achieve your desired outcome. Let’s talk. Leave a comment.

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