3 Big Ways You Are Neglecting Your Purpose (and What To Do About It)

What if you could wake up every day excited about the outcomes you create? What would it mean to you to live a full life of intentionality? Where every step of each day is meaningful? And not just meaningful for today but the long-term. Stop reading and imagine for a moment.

We often can’t see it because we will not slow down long enough to even think about it, let alone visualize it. It’s often one thing and then the next thing. It’s this and then that without taking adequate rest and dedicated aim. The pandemic was so enlightening for so many people because we were forced to slow down and think about what is really meaningful in life. Some people have decided that their pre-pandemic and post-pandemic activities, interests, and aspirations could never be the same again. I think we can agree that the pandemic released some powerful positives and possibilities in many areas of our lives. In some cases, we are doing things that we didn’t know were desires before the pandemic. Though this is true for some, it is not true for all. Some of us are still stuck in a rut, but we don’t have to be. There is always a way to move forward, especially when we understand the events surrounding our stuckness.

How would it benefit you (and those around you) if had what you truly desire in life? Maybe it’s time you pay more attention to what you would do (given the courage) than what you should do.

What’s holding you back? Here are three ways you may be neglecting your purpose and how to turn things around:

  1. You are trying to do everything. I know you’ve heard this mantra: do just the one thing. It makes good sense too. Trying to do everything well doesn’t happen often. Maybe it’s not just one thing. Perhaps it a few things. But it’s definitely not everything. Too many of us jump from bandwagon to bandwagon, trying to find the sweet spot for what feels right, and it doesn’t happen. We see what someone else is doing and decide if they can do it, so can I. Now that may be true, but is it what you’re supposed to be doing? That’s a whole other level of intentional questioning. Even if you could do it, if it’s not what you were created to do, the sense of fulfillment and freedom will not be felt.
    • What to do instead: Get clear on the one thing (or the few things). Discover what you do really well with total abandonment and fulfillment, and you may just hit the sweet spot. Once you discover it, please take advantage of the opportunities to get better at it.
  2. You have decided to do nothing. Sometimes, the process of living your purpose seems overwhelming, and the temptation is to do nothing. That’s a decision. Perhaps we have decided that since we can’t do it like someone else, we won’t do it at all. After all, life is pretty good without living your true purpose. Right? Wrong. Well, it may be good, but it can’t be as good as maximizing the calling the Creator has for your life. Nothing can be as great as that! Doing nothing when you know there is more for you is a decision of disobedience.
    • What to do instead: Decide. That’s the very first step. Decide there is more, better, or different for you. Seek God to find out what that more, better, or different may entail. Talk with others who know and love you. Please make sure they are individuals you can trust and who want the best for you. Seek out those whose aim is to live purposefully as well. So many people we encounter don’t care or consider intentional living, and it’s nice to have a few friends and acquaintances to have some reciprocal encouragement.
  3. You are reasoning that you have time. You may not have as much time as you think. And every yesterday is another missed opportunity. The pandemic spanning more than a year should be our daily reminder that there is not one more day to waste pondering. Even without the pandemic, we know there is no way of knowing how much time we have left on the earth. How do you want to spend it?
    • What to do instead: stop procrastinating! It’s never going to be a perfect time. You will never have all the ducks in a row. I had to learn that for myself. There will always be hiccups and obstacles, but you cannot fail at doing what our God has created you to do. Of course, there will always be growing pains and developmental opportunities. It’s to be expected. Get in position and start advancing your purpose.

If you’re already embracing an intentional and purposeful life, bravo to you! If you are yet to do it, there is no time like the present. Today present!

What could you do differently today that would change your whole life for the better?

If you need more help, we can talk specifics on a Discovery Call.

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