3 Quick Tips to Trim Your Plate for the New Year

The new year is quickly approaching. Is it time to trim your plate? Lots of holiday cheer around us, but some of us are perplexed every year during this time. We haven’t had time to digest all that has happened this year because we are still inundated with things to do. And most of it, meaningless. And now, while others are excited and hopeful about what 2022 will entail, we dread going back to the same scenario from past years.

There is good news, though! If you are reading this, you have some time to reflect and assess. And as you reflect on this current year, think about what changes you could make to create the kind of year (and life) that would bring fulfillment. Where would you like to experience a difference in the upcoming year?

Overwhelmed. Overworked. Near burnout. Spent. When we’re in the midst of it, we may find it difficult to assess its effects. However, when we have some sacred downtime, it’s an opportunity to reimagine what we would like to be different and develop a plan to make it happen.

What about you? Would you like to reassess and perhaps trim your plate in the new year? Do more of the things you love? That’s me too! And therefore, I have three tips to share that I use consistently to keep my plate properly proportioned.

  1. Write down everything that you’re currently doing. Please don’t skip this step. I know sometimes it seems like it’s easier to keep these things in our head, but this is not helpful. When we are super busy and stressed, it’s difficult to think properly. Now add to that the clutter of many tasks that weigh us down and zap our energy and it’s a recipe for sure disaster. Writing things down provide immediate first level clarity as it frees up mental space. Don’t keep it in the “back of your mind.” Get it down on paper and see what’s really causing the pain.
  2. What is your vision for next year? It’s often easier to proclaim what we don’t want instead of creating a vision for what we do want. For example, most people know they don’t want to be stressed out, overwhelmed, and tired all the time. That’s a given. Some will know they want more energy and reduced stress but find it difficult to articulate a concrete vision for what that looks like in the future. A compelling vision pulls us forward towards what we do want rather than what we don’t. Therefore, in this tip, I want you to think about your answers to three questions.
    • First, how do you want to feel next year? Would you like to feel more aligned? More relaxed?
    • Secondly, what do you want to have next year? Would you like to have more joy? More fulfillment? More time for relationships?
    • And lastly, what will you need to do next year? Precisely, what will you need to do to have it? Feel. Have. Do.
  3. Trim your plate. To trim your plate, you need to write everything down, you need to think about what you envisioned for the upcoming year, and now you need to ask yourself some important questions.
    • What am I currently doing that I don’t love to do? In fact, I’m just doing them because they need to be done and I’m tolerating them.
    • What are the things I’m currently doing that I love to do? As a matter of fact, you don’t want to do anything else.
    • Where do you add value? In other words, where do you show up and value is created for others? And where do you show up merely out of obligation and the feeling is ho-hum?

So then, what things will serve you well in the upcoming year? What do you need to eliminate or reduce the time allotment for next year? Give yourself plenty of time to assess and maintain a healthy degree of flexibility because priorities change with the different seasons of life. Be open to change and continuously evaluate for meaning according to the vision you have for your life.

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