3 Ways Focusing Can Drive Better Results

With so many distractions these days, it’s no wonder having better focus is a desired outcome for many of us. We know that focusing drives better results in whatever we try to achieve. Sticking with a project, task, or assignment to completion yields a great return on investment in more ways than one.

As I work with my coaching clients and listen to their stories, the majority know what they would do if they could sit down for blocked time without distractions. The trouble is many are not scheduling the time to sit down for the blocked time without distractions. Blocking time to address important matters does not just happen on its own. We must be intentional, and we must decipher the actual benefits of doing this for ourselves.

Begin with the end in mind. This concept is not likely new to us, but it has not been true for most of us. Think about the things that matter most to your personal and professional objectives. Assuming nothing could get in the way, where would you focus your efforts uninterrupted? What would you like the outcome to be?

I’ve identified three ways that having dedicated focus can drive better results. Consider the following benefits as you think about scheduling time to focus uninterrupted.

  1. You get more of the right things done. What good is committing to focus on a project if it’s wrong for your personal or professional objectives? Scouring through a to-do list with 25 items may initially leave you feeling accomplished until you learn that you have spent extended time on activities that don’t matter as much. Ask yourself, “What’s the right thing to do?” and concentrate there. Focusing on the right things leaves us feeling encouraged and inspired to keep moving forward. When we know we are on the right pathway, it’s easier to block out time to achieve the goal.
  2. You will have more time for other stuff. What happens when you designate time to tackle the right things? You guess it. You will have time for the other things you’d like to do. One of my recent clients wanted to develop those who reported to her. She determined that if she spent time on only the right things that required her attention, she would have ample time to develop her team how she wanted. Perhaps the other stuff you want to engage in is not work-related but your personal aspirations. The same concept applies. Blocked time to do the right things affords expanded capacity for other endeavors.
  3. You will have better balance and experience deeper satisfaction. Say goodbye to overwhelm! Most people think balance is about percentages, but I believe it’s about priorities. Remember the long to-do list? Imagine the list having many items you could never complete in one day, so it’s often reassigned to the following day, along with any new things. How do you feel? I don’t have to imagine the feeling because I’ve been there. Now, imagine your list with just 2-3 properly prioritized things to do and accomplishing those things each day. How do you feel? Exactly. You likely already feel more relaxed and balanced. More is not better than right. Doing the right things promotes better balance and deeper satisfaction.

Focusing has many benefits. To experience those benefits, we will need clarity on where to focus our efforts. Spend some time clarifying what outcomes you want to experience and the behaviors that will help you get there.

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