3 Big Benefits of Identifying Your Purpose and Doing What You Love!

Do what you love!

It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But what is that?

I believe many of us do not dare to dream about what it is because we think perhaps it’s too late, or we feel like we are stuck in a career that’s less than fulfilling for the remainder of our days. I suppose dreaming about what is entirely possible could make what we are experiencing as our current reality even more disheartening. It may be too painful for some people to even consider. But what if the dream could be your reality? What possibilities exist if you could do what you love to do every single day?

Stop reading and imagine. Dream.

What would it look like? Who would be there and involved? What resources and support do you have right now to move you forward to fulfillment?

Dream. Breathe. Trust. Believe.

What if you could live every day in the created space? Created space = the space for which you were created. It begins with identifying your purpose. It begins with understanding your uniqueness and how it could be manifested to the whole world. You were made specially and made especially!

I really don’t remember the exact day or month that I discovered what I would do joyfully for the rest of my life. It was so unassuming as it unfolded. It’s been over ten years since I realized it and every day I struggle to protect it—my purpose. The wonderful thing is, you have the same opportunity. Yes, you have your own purpose to protect, even if you’re yet to discover it.

Let’s see. Back to my original questions. What if the dream could be your reality? What possibilities exist if you could do what you love to do every single day? I believe at least these three things will be evidently true for you:

1. You would align with the Creator’s plan for you. Think about the possibilities that exist when we endeavor to do the very thing we were created to do. Go ahead. I’ll wait. What joy is available to you when you do something you hate every day? On the other hand, what joy is available to you when you simply envision (you’re not even doing it yet, simply envisioning) yourself doing something you love every day? Tremendous. We were created for a unique purpose, and we mustn’t allow fruitless activity and efforts to derail what is synonymous with living our best life.

2. You would wake up to meaning every single day. So many people wake up already bemoaning the day ahead. But what if you could wake up every day excited about the possibilities for the day because you are doing what you love to do? Maybe the day meets you with a new struggle and some measure of uncertainty, but figuring out a solution to the problem or the way forward doesn’t seem tumultuous anymore. It’s now intriguing and adventurous! Instead of viewing new challenges as a stopping point, you can forge forward purposely and see every challenge as a springboard with immeasurable possibilities. The larger context (the WHY) becomes increasingly clear.

3. You would experience amazing freedom in life. Freedom is definitely one of my values. I didn’t really understand it in my younger adult years, but now I can see what could have been apparent years ago. I can’t think of any greater freedom than doing what I love to do every day. Can you? All the income and riches in the world could not replace enjoyment and a light-hearted spirit that flourishes when we engage in meaningful work that aligns with our values and who we were created to be. What freedoms are available to you now? What could be available?

These are just three huge benefits that come to mind readily, but there are so many others beyond what is mentioned in this post.

Are you doing what you love to do? If so, how could you do more of it? If not, what’s the first step you could take to move in that direction?

I’m curious. Let’s talk. Leave a comment.

What should you do now?

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