Fully Present in the Moment

Blog - Remain Fully PresentHow do you challenge yourself to remain present in every moment of your day? To listen carefully to God’s voice amid a hectic day?

It’s not always easy. Some days are super busy; therefore, listening for His voice and remaining present will take great resolve.

I like having steady and intentional use for my time, but I’m also grateful for the pause button on those really busy days. I’ve learned that those times aren’t readily handed to us. We must deliberately push the pause button and take in the spiritual food of God’s Word that is wonderfully nourishing to our souls.

I remember the day that God tugged at my heart and prompted me to put away what I was doing and listen. So, I did. And here’s what happened. Continue reading

I Did This for 30 Days, and Here’s What I’m Learning. . .

Blog - 30 DaysCrossing the finish line and finally accomplishing the end goal—that thing you’ve always wanted—could be as simple as asking yourself some thought-provoking questions, spending some time answering, and developing a viable, “stick-to-it” plan.

Keeping the big picture in focus is important. But establishing and maintaining good habits that move us incrementally closer to the goal are two important means to help you reach your end goal. In other words, it’s the day to day actionable and practical steps that move us closer to fulfillment. Focusing too intensely on the overarching goal may invite us to muse about the favorable outcome rather than realizing its end.

I’m learning this. Why would I say I’m learning this? Since I’m writing about it, shouldn’t this be a lesson learned? Continue reading

2020 – The Year of Reflective Possibility!

Possibilities - 2020 New Year Blog PostWhat’s possible for you in 2020?

This question requires some serious thought. You can’t answer it on a whim.

There are some things that seem impossible to accomplish. But because this new year (and new decade) has come in with great expectation, we will not focus on what seems impossible; instead, we will focus on what is possible according to God’s promises.

For me, 2020 is the year of reflective possibility! It’s not just the year of possibility . . . but reflective possibility! Continue reading