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Work-Life Balance: How to Say No So You Can Say Yes!

An essential part of having a great work-life balance is the ability to say no when it’s appropriate and warranted. It’s a helpful component of setting healthy boundaries and feeling good about our decision-making. Many people find it difficult to say no when they really would like to because they want to please people. The trouble is, it’s too easy to fall into the cycle of consistently displeasing ourselves. When we say yes repeatedly at the …

I Might Fail! Facing Fear of Failure. Here’s How.

If I were to ask you what’s holding you back in a one-on-one conversation, what would you say? I believe for many of you, your answer would be fear. If we let it, fear has the ability to paralyze us, making us immobile and seemingly helpless when we think about moving forward. It doesn’t have …