3 Ways to Combat the Stress of Being “Alone Together”

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Who would have thought things would progress like this? Solomon did say, “There is no new thing under the sun” (Eccl. 1:9). None of this is new, but nearly all of this is new to us. Because it’s new to us, it’s also scary for most of us. And without mitigation, fear can quickly become overwhelming. That said, well-intended precaution against the pandemic can turn into preoccupation with the effects of it. Maybe you’ve noticed.

Some people are preoccupied with the constant notifications, news alerts and updates of confirmed cases and associated deaths. And some people are preoccupied with developing ways to stay connected while we’re staying apart. And yet many others are preoccupied with the economy, how to maintain their standard of living in the face of unforeseen financial hardship. These are just a few stressors, because there are many others—like being physically at risk yourself or caring for loved ones who are ill or at risk of becoming ill themselves.

But there is help! There are practical tips that we can employ to help leverage our time alone together and lessen the stress.

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Benefits to Serving in Leadership: Imitate

Do you have a desire for leadership? And there is nothing wrong with such an honorable desire.

If your answer is yes, then my next question is why? What is the lure of leadership for you?

It is the prestige? The power? The privilege?

For some people, it is all of the above.

But an honorable ambition for leadership has an underlying motive of leading likBlog-Benefits2e Jesus and moving others to a sincere desire to do the same.

In this series of blog posts, I have identified 10 benefits of serving as a small group Bible study leader. Today we will discuss the first benefit! Probably the biggest benefit of being a small group Bible study leader, in my appraisal, is the privilege of imitating Jesus. Jesus was a small group leader! Though many times he was surrounded by large masses of people, in the most intimate settings, he could be found doing life with his twelve disciples.  Continue reading

When We Are Struggling…..

It’s a bad idea.

For believers to be alone.

To decide to live in isolation.

Blog - IronWe need others to come alongside us and sharpen in us what might otherwise be a dull blade.

A blunt knife is still a knife, but its effectiveness and its usefulness are greatly reduced. So it is with the believer who is left to herself – without the benefits that other sisters in Christ provide.  Continue reading

Friend for All Times

 What’s in a friendship?

A lot.

True friendships have deep roots!

Fair-weather friends are those friends who are there for you in a superficial sort of way. Sunshine attracts their presence, but sadly the rain repels them. As long as the ride is smooth and the waters are calm and flowing, they are readily available. However, at the first sign of turbulence and distress, they become terribly busy and mostly unavailable. Continue reading