You’re Doing It All Wrong!

Blog - 2019What do you have planned for the upcoming new year 2019? Most people begin to reflect on the happenings of the current year and become expectedly hopeful about the upcoming year during the fall season. For some, the contemplation can be intense. The fall is a most notable season for careful rumination, firm reiteration, and earnest rededication, looking forward to the new year.

What worked in 2018? What didn’t? What should I do differently? What’s best to keep the same? What are my goals for the year? Are they even worthwhile?
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Delight and Desire

Placeholder ImageWhat do you have planned for this New Year 2017? Most times in the fall months we begin to contemplate with complete clarity, for all that we know at that time, what the upcoming year will entail for us. And many times we are scarcely done with the month of January when we realize that our traveling is far from the course we predetermined in November or December.

Could it be that we failed to ask God to be the originator of our plans? Did we fail to delight in the One who dismantles wrong desires and gives us His righteous desires? I must admit that I have spent a great number of years catering to my own desires. As I remember it now. . . . God could never have been a party to my egotistical planning. Now, I can confidently conclude that all righteous desires must have their foundation in Christ. Continue reading