Purpose and Possibility Bible Study – PDF Download


Purpose and Possibility! This is where coaching and Scripture meet to propel you forward to create the meaningful life you desire. Learn how to remove obstacles that may be in your way. It is possible to maximize your potential and create a full life of freedom and fulfillment. Dive in and see what is possible for you!



What is your purpose in life? What has God specifically gifted you to do? I bet we have all pondered those questions at one time or another. When you have done so, I hope these two conclusions remained with you: you have purpose and God is the originator of that purpose. When we start there, we can begin to understand the many outcomes possible for us and how we can move forward in faith to achieve them. Learn how the possibilities for you are connected to your purpose, the result of prayer, revealed in your priorities, better in partnerships, and pursuant to perseverance. The Bible study will help you to grow, cause you to reflect, and move you toward practical actionable steps to keep you growing in faith and realizing what is possible.


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