2021 Holiday VIP Package 2


Do you like an even mix of individual attention and group synergy? Does being with a group motivate you to go further faster? Then this package is for you! Leverage the benefits of both individual and group support and encouragement. Get focused clarity with 1:1 coaching first and create synergy with other women who are walking a similar path. Tremendous help is available as you collaborate with and share in coaching with others.



The VIP Package 2 is a blend of individual coaching and group coaching. This package includes 2 individual sessions and 2 group sessions. The initial strategy session is a 1:1 coaching session where you work to gain clarity, alignment, plan, and prioritize your goals. In the group sessions following, you will continue coaching but in a small group and glean from others who are on a similar pathway to achievement. Finally, you will end with another 1:1 coaching session to plan the pathway forward with confidence. Forget about looking back and start moving forward in this new season of 2022. Create the well-balanced life you desire aligned with your purpose, values, and strengths.


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