Virtual Focus Session Pop-Up 3-Day Sprint

Date September 19, 2023-September 21, 2023
LocationOnline Zoom - No Registration Needed

Join us for three days straight! Outline the book. Write the first chapter. Update the resume. Do the research for the business. Write the emails. Clear your inbox. Organize your thoughts. Brainstorm the idea. Write the vision. Pen the plan. And so much more you can do with 3 hours of focused accountability . . .  uninterrupted! 

Focus can be fleeting! I’m sure you know this already. Most of the time, what’s missing in our ability to focus and complete important tasks is not the time to do them. On the contrary, in a significant number of cases, we desire to do something else instead . . . and we may not have anyone to hold us accountable to get the result we want. And that result really is to complete the task(s).

I get it. I have trouble focusing at times too. This is precisely why I’m hosting several virtual focus sessions in 2023. The aim is FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY in community.

This is ONE HOUR of focused work, and it’s FREE. The process:

  1. Join the room just before 6:00 p.m. (preferably 5:55 p.m.). We will start promptly at 6:00 p.m.
  2. State what you will be working on in 1-2 sentences. If there are many participants, we will use the chat for this.
  3. Cameras are ON and audio muted for the entire hour. Remember, we are focusing on our tasks and not conversing.
  4. When the hour has finished, you will state what you accomplished in 1-2 sentences. If there are many participants, we will use the chat for this.

Special note: If you are late, you may not be admitted. Remember, we are not watching the waiting room; we are focusing on our task(s). Also, please only join if you have something to complete sitting down (e.g., writing the next chapter of your book, reading a chapter in a book, studying for an upcoming class/course, preparing for a class/course, planning for the next week, writing thank you cards, etc.). Moving around to complete tasks on camera is a distraction to the other participants. This is not the session for cleaning the house. It could be anything you need to sit down and do, but you keep putting it off, personally or professionally. And it could be the same task every time you come as you work your way through to completion. 

That’s it! You can join every time we have a session scheduled . . . as much or as little as you would like, and it’s totally FREE.

Visit tabithaperson.com/events often for upcoming focus dates. You can join my email list at tabithaperson.com/subscribe for these announcements and more resources to move you forward. I can’t wait to get it done with you!

Join Zoom ID: 81843850337