LIVE Planning Session

Date 2023-04-01-2023-04-01
LocationLIVE on Facebook (@coachtabithaperson)

What would happen if you had a workable plan each week? How would effective planning move you closer to fulfilling your goals? Most of us fail to do the essential weekly tasks because we haven’t created space in our calendars to do them. What gets documented gets done. I believe it! I’m much more likely to follow through on the tasks on my calendar . . . whether it’s digital or manual documentation . . . my calendar gives me direction. To make this happen consistently, I need to set aside time to prioritize and plan. Enter planning sessions with me . . .

Benefits of planning:

  • Less stress and overwhelm
  • Less decision fatigue
  • A clear and concise path forward
  • Ability to build in more self-care time (without guilt)
  • Easy to identify the BIG ROCKS for the day and week
  • Better work-life balance
  • So much more!

Without a workable plan, you could be sacrificing your most important goals. Taking a few moments each week to prioritize and plan for the upcoming week creates a solid start to the week. Planning gives us direction, so we’re not floundering about figuring out what to do in the moment. 

Join me for regular Facebook LIVES in 2023 and plan with me!  On the LIVE, I’ll be sharing my process, asking you questions to consider, offering helpful tips, and sharing my plan for my upcoming week. Bring your planner, calendar, or pen and paper. Let’s get there together!

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