Past Successes Can Banish Fear and Propel You Forward to Future Success! 3 Simple Strategies!

How can remembering when you were successful in the past drive you forward without fear in the future? Indeed, it can! Success may be saying to you, “Remember me, I’m success”? Do you remember when we did this before? Do you remember when we did that huge thing? Yes, you were scared to death, but you did it. You did it, and you were successful.

So I want you to take a moment to think about a time when you faced a difficult task. Some goal or desire you had that seemed challenging to manifest, and you were scared. Remembering our past accomplishments gives us momentum to move forward to face the new ones with great resolve.

For me, deciding not to focus on my fears of what might happen ahead and concentrate on the strengths and resources I used to do hard things in the past helps me to envision how I might do something similar in the future. You can do this too.

Try these three simple strategies to help you begin to build the confidence to move forward.

  1. Remember a major accomplishment. Think of a time when you faced a challenge that required similar energy and effort to the challenge you face today. How challenging was it for you? How did you feel at the beginning, and how did you feel when you successfully completed the task or overcame the issue?
  2. Recall your overcomer strategy. Overcomers rise above the obstacles getting in their way. Many times we do this without considering what we did exactly to become the conquerors we really are. What did you do to get through it? What strength can you think of right now that you we’re able to lean upon to get you through the challenge? What values do you hold dear during that time to get you through it? What were the resources that you use during that time? Whose help did you solicit?
  3. Re-engineer this strategy for today’s challenge. You can use what you learn from yourself. Do this exercise. Sit down with someone else or sit alone with pen in hand and intentionally recall what we did to overcome an obstacle equally as difficult in your past. Write it in detail. From this, we learn that we likely have a repeatable process to employ for present-day obstacles. What areas of strategy can you apply to your current situation? Relate how you felt then, having success, to how you will feel as a success tomorrow.

There is a pathway forward, and sometimes it’s embedded in the past. In most cases, dwelling on the past is not helpful. However, it is most beneficial when we intentionally pursue the past as a springboard to the future. Look at your history differently and incorporate a strategy to accomplish your most important goals and desires.

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