Get Clear on You! 4 Big Questions to Ask Before You Move Forward

Do you want all the answers upfront? It’s not going to happen. I would like to know a little more first (a form of procrastination), but I realize more and more each day, it’s not going to happen. We cannot have all the answers upfront. And even if we had all the pieces to the puzzle, we would need considerable time creating clarity around how to put them together.

Often we think the best place to start with any task is with the research. Research is important, I agree. However, most times, we begin researching the wrong thing. We begin to research how to do something or when to do something before discerning our own motivation, desire, thoughts, and beliefs about doing it. Skipping this practice may cause us to abandon the harder task way too quickly.

It’s important to get clear. Get clear. This two-word effort is beneficial in every single situation. We cannot move forward with resolve and certainty without it. We cannot move forward decisively and confidently unless we are clear around self in light of what we are moving toward and where we are going.

Don’t move too quickly to what most people would say is action—something they can see you’re doing. Action is noticing, observing, and creating new awareness. We can take these important actions to get us on the right path to move toward what we really want. They are non-negotiables for living your purpose.

Here are four big questions to ask yourself (to get clear on YOU) before you take flight.

  1. What’s your WHY? Now we have heard this question more times than we can count, most likely. But how many times have you sat down and answered it completely and thoroughly? I’m not speaking of your why in terms of your reason for endeavoring to engage in a new task. I’m referring to your whole why as in why are you here on earth. What do you value in life? I’ll start. To name a few, I value freedom, peace, relationship, creativity, and flexibility. When I look back at my life, I see these things as predominant themes even growing up. What things do you value? What are your gifts and strengths? What would you do even if you never got paid for it? I believe a proper understanding of who we were created to be is derived from knowing our Creator.
  2. What are the things? What are the things you do, and you love to do them? Again, if you never got paid, you would still do them with growing excellence? What are the things you do, and you tolerate doing them because you must do them? These things don’t necessarily give us the fulfillment we desire, but they must be done. And lastly, what are the things you’re currently doing that you neither must do nor do you love doing them? In other words, you’re doing them, and you tolerate them, but you really don’t have to do them. Perhaps someone else could.
  3. When are you at your best? At what times in your life do you feel like you’re flourishing? A beautiful flower unfolding? What’s typically happening in your life during those times? Who’s there with you? Who is not? What key things are you telling yourself in those moments? These questions prompt you to think more deeply about your experiences and how they impact you, and how they relate to your purpose here on earth.
  4. Where do you add value? Now this will be your own reflection plus the reflections of others (the recipients). I get that you probably add value in several different places. I hope this is true. But I want you to think about the most value in two terms: what others receive from you and in what spaces you love to add value. What excites you the most about it? How you get more of it?

There you have it! Enough to get you started on researching YOU. It’s worth repeating: this is important and often overlooked. I can think of many other questions that may serve you to get clear as the first-step effort. We need it for everything, really.

Leave a comment. What are some questions you typically ask yourself to get clear on what you want and how it serves you as you fulfill your purpose? If you’re not asking any questions, today is a great day to get started.

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