White Space

Blog - White Space We need it! But most of us don’t have it.  


Most of my days are jammed-packed. It seems like the lists and obligations have no reprieve.

Yesterday, I started preparing for this week’s obligations. Though I do try, it’s hard to leave blank areas in my planner, because there is so much work to be done. But I’m learning that if I am going to continue in the work, leaving some white space is critical.

Usually at the end of the day, I reflect on the events of that day. Recently, I was lying in bed thinking about all that happened during the day, and I was exhausted. I realized that I had not planned well. Consequently, I rushed through most of the day and now I was completely spent.

I didn’t leave any time for rest, and I had left little time for centering. I was depleted. In those times when I cannot quiet my own mind, I am so glad that God is there. At His prompting, I opened my Bible to Isaiah 40, and I began to read.

Beginning at verse 28, I was reminded of God’s supremacy, His amazing strength, and His magnificent power. Over and over, I rehearsed in my mind the elusiveness of His understanding. How the finite mind cannot fathom all the ways and thoughts of One so great! In all His vastness, there is not a shred of weakness, frailty, or weariness.

It is God who gives power to those who are void of it. It is God who gives strength to those who have no might. I was reminded, and gladly so, that if I would just wait upon Him, my strength would be renewed as if I had wings to soar. If I would just wait upon Him, I would run faster than the day before.

The white space at the end of my day really should have been allotted earlier in my day. Even though my morning devotions are a staple at earliest hour of my day, I still need to realize His divine presence and tender touch at set intervals throughout the day. 

My encouragement to you is this: build some planned white space into your day as a time to pause and reflect on the nature and character of God—His grace and strength. Take the time to meditate upon His truths and realize His divine provision, power, and protection. Take the time to be fully present in His presence. You will never regret the sacrifice of putting it all aside, even if just for a few moments.

How do you create white space?

Let’s talk. Leave me a comment! You would be helping me and others, too.


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