When We Are Struggling…..

It’s a bad idea.

For believers to be alone.

To decide to live in isolation.

Blog - IronWe need others to come alongside us and sharpen in us what might otherwise be a dull blade.

A blunt knife is still a knife, but its effectiveness and its usefulness are greatly reduced. So it is with the believer who is left to herself – without the benefits that other sisters in Christ provide. 



Spiritual Guidance.

A Shoulder.

Some days I feel like that blunt knife. I know my composition is iron, but some days definitely feel like butter-knife days. During these times, I’m grateful for my husband, family, and friends who rub up against me, often reminding me of God’s precious Word to sharpen my resolve.

This always works.

Early in creation, God did say that it is not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18). Today, it continues to be a bad idea for believers to be alone. Iron, when it sets itself against iron, produces a sharp blade (Prov. 27:17). And the benefit is mutual.

Christians are of mutual benefit to one another. When two or more believers come together in Christ’s name, He promises to be in the midst (Matt. 18:20). When we come together in like-mindedness, we sharpen the countenance of all who are present with us. Even when the situation seems grim, two or more together are better able to hold onto the promises of God (Eccl 4:12).

Isolation may hinder effectiveness; but in numbers, there is the potential for great achievement (Acts 2:47).  The early saints understood this concept. In fellowship with other saints, adhering to the apostles’ doctrine and praying, they were carrying out the tenets of the Great Commission (Acts 2:41-47 ; Matt. 28:18-20).

When you’re struggling, decide NOT to do it alone. Reach out to those who love and care for you. We will have blunt days, but I believe God will answer this prayer every time:

Dear Lord,

Send someone my way with a sharp blade today! Amen.


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