Blog - Infusion

How do you feel about one serving of your food touching another serving of a different food on your plate? Food cooked separately can become intermingled once it has been set on a plate. This is particularly challenging for some people. When my children were young, there were family members who would eat all their vegetables first, then their starch, and finally their meat. For other members of my household, they didn’t even like for their servings of food to touch one another. For these folks, the mixing of food should occur in the stomach—but not in the mouth. Careful steps were taken to ensure that their distinct food servings did not cross paths. I, on the other hand, like to sample all my food together. To me, the infusion of all the assorted flavors and textures makes the whole meal taste even better.

    For most people, the preferred method of meal consumption is mostly insignificant. The varied scenarios are personal preferences regarding the separation and aggregation of food particles. Whether the foods are intermingled before consumption has no variance on the degree of nutrients digested, which promote physical growth and overall health. But these scenarios do have significant spiritual implications worth exploring.
Sometimes, there is a separation in the varying components of our life, and this a genuine problem. When we see our everyday life as a separate entity from the spiritual life we share with others on Sunday mornings, spiritual growth and overall health is compromised. Many believers make a subconscious disconnect when service ends on Sunday afternoon. So then, how does Christ’s lordship infiltrate our lives on Monday and the following days of the week? Many times, we separate the one day and make sure it doesn’t touch the other days of week. In other words, there is no infusion!

      But that’s not God’s preference for His children. We must not appropriate worship on Sunday mornings and then place God back on the shelf every other day of the week. Our hungry and thirsty souls need the sustenance and strength of the indwelling Spirit on an ongoing basis. To break away from His realized power, His guidance, and His wisdom after the first day of the week (Sunday) and “do life” on our own for the other six days is detrimental to our spiritual walk. His infusion every day affords the believer triumphant victories throughout the week that further cements our faith and reassures us of His love and His presence.

    All that we display on Sunday morning should be readily visible to others outside of the church on any given day. There is the expectation of a righteous attitude and holy behavior in the house of God on Sunday, and we can all appear to be controlled by the Spirit for two hours increments once a week. However, the real test comes when we are at home, on our jobs, and in the market place. Will others recognize the activity of the Spirit in our conversation, in our decision making, and in our attitude? In the face of adversity? In the face of provocation and temptation?

     Infusion is essential! Colossians 3:3 reminds us that “we are dead, and our life is hid with Christ in God.” Our life is hidden or concealed in Christ as a place of security. When we recognize that this is the reality of our life, we will allow Christ to take the forefront while our sinful nature fades into dormancy. In this way, proper infusion of God’s Spirit is evident on our jobs, in our homes, in the market place—anywhere away from a watching congregation. In fact, we become a gentle breeze and beautiful aroma, setting the atmosphere everywhere we go.

     We must allow the Spirit to infiltrate every sector of our lives, so that it is a seamless flow of power in our witness for Christ everywhere and on any given occasion. Our walk with Christ is not like food separated by dividers on a plate—where one food group has nothing to do with other until they meet up together at a later time. We are not to meet up with the Spirit on Sunday, but rather we are to allow His infiltration, permeation, and saturation in all cases… all areas of our life. What a powerful witness to unbelieving onlookers who many already believe that Christians are some of the worst hypocrites. Show forth His filling and His control by taking in a diet high in Bible reading and studying, meditation, and fellowship with other saints striving with the same purpose in mind and heart.

   At the point of infusion is where the power of God is manifested for all to see—and yes, believe. The seamless infusion of His powerful presence can penetrate and stir others to the point of confession of faith in Christ Jesus.


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