From a Place of Dependence

Blog - Place of DependenceTight schedules.

Relentless demands.

Growing expectations.

Challenging tasks.

Some days it seems almost unbearable! But each day is quite bearable when we consider our position in it all.

These next several weeks are much more taxing than many other weeks I’ve had in recent times. Preparation. Deadlines. Availability. Schedule. Reschedule. These terms have been a regular part of my vocabulary this week and seemingly for the very near future. As my recent vacation accelerated toward its end, the temptation to worry would soon begin.

Yesterday though, God spoke as tenderly as a loving Father could to my heart and said, “Everything you do must be done from a place of dependence. When this is true, I will give you strength for the journey.” Can there be any more encouraging words. . . and from any greater Source? Flowing tears. Listening ears. In a room full of people seeking God for their own individual needs, my God is careful to whisper loving encouragement to this daughter in need.

All day yesterday I remembered and rehearsed His words: from a place of dependence and strength for the journey. With each passing moment of yesterday, the picture became wonderfully clear. All of my help comes from the LORD (Ps. 121:2). The psalmist nailed it! It is not that a meager portion of my help that comes from the Lord while the majority of my help is found within my own devices. ALL of my help is found in Christ!

My dependence upon Him gives me the strength and the fortitude to keep going!

From a place of dependence . . . on my face in prayer at the breaking of the day! On my face . . . . letting Him establish my priorities! Letting Him establish priorities that will bring Him the most glory, despite the busyness and demands in any given day.  From a place of complete dependence upon the One who can effect change!

When we are weak and the journey feels hard and tumultuous, this is a great time to assess whether we are relying upon our Lord or trying to do it all in our own waning strength. Let this be a generous portion of encouragement to you.

Jesus Himself said that we must abide in Him to bear much fruit, for without Him we can do nothing (John 15:5). Therefore, serve one another from a place of dependence; edify one another from a place of dependence; and love one another from a place of dependence upon Christ. Then, you will have strength for the whole journey!

Thank You, Father.


2 thoughts on “From a Place of Dependence

  1. Patrice Barber says:

    That is so true have to depend on God. Thanks for the encouraging words. This really spoke to me. God bless you.


    • Tabitha Person says:

      I’m glad this spoke to you! I’m learning to relinquish my own strength, because I simply cannot do it without Him. Moreover….I don’t even want to do it without Him.

      Delight and Desire/ 


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