Hoarding Grace

Blog - GraceA troubled marriage.

Financial difficulties.

Wayward children.

A terminal illness.

All are realities of this life. And all present a real need for God’s loving grace.

But is it enough? Is His daily provision of grace really enough?

Is it enough when we have so many pressing issues that make negotiating the terms of this life so painfully troublesome? Laid before us are the hard facts of life. In fine print, many times, we miss the disclaimer. We didn’t see the circumstances forthcoming . . . . and coming so deliberately, as if to overtake us with brutal force. Some days I wish I could store up His grace. I wish I could pile it up like rocks outside my back door. Different sizes of grace, too. Then, when I need a huge amount of grace to manage my day, I could select a huge rock. But whenever I need just a tiny amount to get through the day, I could select the appropriate sized stone. But, it doesn’t work that way. For this, I am glad.

How could I effectively appropriate the amount of grace I need in any circumstance when I cannot see the outcome? When I don’t know or understand the nuances of the details? When I have no way to gauge residual strength from the day before this day? No one can effectively appropriate grace, so we need our omniscient God to do it for us.

When the Israelites left bondage in Egypt, God gave them everything sufficient to meet their needs. Daily, God sent the Israelites bread from heaven (manna). Daily provision. He instructed them not to hoard the manna from one day to the next. Precisely, Scripture records, “‘Moses said to them, ‘Let no man leave any of it until morning.’ But they did not listen to Moses, and some left part of it until morning, and it bred worms and became foul” (Exod. 16:19-20). They did not understand God’s grace. That it is daily. That it is sufficient. And many times, neither do we.

God wants us to trust Him for the grace to handle each day. He wants us to know that He is concerned about everything that concerns us (Ps. 138:8). And He will with great certainty supply the grace we need to meet the demands of our burdens, daily.

We mustn’t borrow from tomorrow, neither its worries nor its grace.

We could say the problem with grace is that it is “so daily.” Or we could say that the beauty of grace is that it is “so daily.” Don’t try to hoard tomorrow’s grace. Instead, rest in its sufficiency!

God meets every demand in our lives with His sufficient grace. We need only to trust Him.



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